For people who write.

Should I come to jot?

Yes. If one of these sounds like you, you might find Jot useful:

I am a copywriter.

I'm a designer, but I write lots of proposals and emails.

I'm a creative writer.

I love words.

I wish I could write better.

I work in marketing.

I help clients with their social media.

I write, but I feel like an imposter.

I write poetry.

I write songs.

I keep a journal.

I have a notebook.

Writing is fun.

Writing is hard.

Reading is fun.

Reading is hard.

I send lots of emails.

It takes me a long time to write emails.

Words are cool.

I like free wine.

Where is jot?

Jot is run by strategic design practice Need – they're based in Many Studios, Glasgow. Events are usually here, but sometimes they're not.

I didn't get a ticket, but I'm interested in the topic. What can I do?

We'll write an article summarising each event. It'll be on our articles page, but we'll also let you know when it goes live via

Can I speak at jot?

Yes! Email us and we can have a chat about your idea.

Okay, I'll try to come to the next one.

Cool, see you there!

Wait, I have more questions.

No worries, ping us an and we'll get back to you with answers.


You're welcome.